Mummy, Daddy and Baby | Personal Piece

This was a piece I made as a response to a comment a shop assistant made about some tomatoes I was buying. When the three were put together they formed two large, one little. The assistant told me how sweet it was: a mummy, daddy, and a baby tomato. I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I packed my bags, got into my car and drove home. As I started to prepare dinner I was pondering, which was the ‘daddy,’ and what if there was no ‘daddy,’ eating slicing the tomatoes in half, feeling almost guilty via their personification. I texted the woman I was dating at the time and asked about her evening plans, thinking it was perhaps best not to mention the fact I had just sliced into ‘Baby.’

This piece was included in the online publication Ekphriasis Vol. 4, accompanied with the following text:

“If home is a vessel in which you reside, what happens if its walls come crashing down? Whether metaphorically or physically, a violence shattering your known existence can exude through so many trails of thought and barriers your existence carries. Through revelations and torches of my own design, I have found myself chasing truth, and truth requires compromise. When I do rebuild my home, I wonder where it will be, who will be welcome, and what I shall choose to keep out.”