NOISE | Directing Experimental Film

It’s a pleasure to say I am currently Directing the film project NOISE, a sound-led, community based, short experimental film project working with minority groups in Cornwall.

The project engages primarily with environmental protest and collaborative creation to produce an ambient soundscape using the sounds of Cornwall and a meditative animation inspired by rural scenes.

It is an honour to be granted funding by Screen Cornwall and The Sound/Image Cinema Lab for this project, as well as to be working with a really amazing team of creatives in a project aimed to destabilise hierarchies of the creative industry. Meaning, just because my title is ‘Director,’ that does not mean this project is my vision. The project evolves and changes and becomes more and more distant from me as more people join the team, collaborate, and bring their own experiences. As our Social Media Manager Lydia Jenkins puts it “it’s like a weird, gorgeous, amorphous, colour-changing blob.”

If you’re interested in the project or want to know how to get involved, follow us on instagram or visit our website.