The FAST FOOD Community Zine

The FAST FOOD Community Zine is a project including 8 artists and 3 curators which talks about online dating and the assumptions we make about people.

The zine evolved after the FAST FOOD project, an experimental film and online archive with the same theme. Originally, crowdfunding had budgeted for an exhibition for the project, however COVID stopped us in its tracks. A few months later and here we are, reassigning the money to an even more worthwhile cause of other artists, curators and also 15% of the proceeds to Salty, an independent newsletter that uplifts the voices of women, trans and non-binary people.

The FAST FOOD Community Zine is currently being sold on a preorder basis, and you can find it


Deadline for preorders is on the 18th of October, and the zine will not be printed again.