Issy Stephens


I am a queer artist and researcher whose work centres mostly around identity and equality. I prefer my work to destabilise the hierarchies we commonly see in the creative industry, such as exclusion of minorities, funding issues and the need for a director to be in full control of ‘their vision.’

Having completed my BA(Hons) in Film at Falmouth University, I am now studying an MSc in Contemporary Identities at University of Bristol. This is in the mindset to meet creative practice with social science in the hopes to create well rounded, socially conscious and accessible work.

I have experience in Production Design, Directing both Experimental Film and Community Film, Producing, Illustration, Animation and Photography, as well as being a keen reader and researcher of social politics.

I have been commissioned by art publications, NGOs, artists, D&I businesses, musicians and schools, as well as receiving grants from Arts Counsel Cornwall, Screen Cornwall and Sound/Image Cinema Lab.

I always want to connect with like minded people and collaborate, so if any of this speaks to you please reach out to me and we can grab a coffee!